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By 1910, Lead 2016 calendar south dakota state university pdf a population of 8,382, making it the second largest town in South Dakota. She established the Hearst Free Public Library in town, and in 1900 the Hearst Free Kindergarten.

Phoebe Hearst and Thomas Grier, the Homestake Mine superintendent, worked together to create the Homestake Opera House and Recreation Center for the benefit of miner workers and their families. Phoebe Hearst donated regularly to Lead’s churches, and provided college scholarships to the children of mine and mill workers. In the early 1930s, due to fear of cave-ins of the miles of tunnels under Lead’s Homestake Mine, many of the town’s buildings located in the bottom of a canyon were moved further uphill to safer locations. NSF facility for low-background experiments on neutrinos, dark matter, and other nuclear physics topics, as well as biology and mine engineering studies. Two prominent man-made features of Lead’s geography are the giant open cut, which was used for surface gold mining by the Homestake Mine, and the resulting ridge nearby built with the non-producing material from the cut. Its high elevation in the Black Hills makes Lead one of the wettest places in South Dakota and among the snowiest places in the contiguous United States with a mean snowfall of 145 inches or 3. Mean snow depth in January is only 7 inches or 0.

18 metres and the median even less at 5 inches or 0. C on February 8, 1936. C can be expected on April 17, but the last spring freeze normally does not occur until May 24. The spring is also the wettest season owing to the frequent storms, with the wettest month of May 1965 seeing 14.

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Summers are very warm in the afternoon, but mornings are pleasantly cool: frost-level temperatures occurred in July 1921 and in the Augusts of 1910 and 1911, with August 1910 seeing a freak snowstorm of 1. Precipitation is lower in summer than in spring, and declines further into the fall and winter as temperature cool. 2010, there were 3,124 people, 1,420 households, and 828 families residing in the city. There were 1,694 housing units at an average density of 822. The racial makeup of the city was 94. There were 1,420 households of which 27.

18 living with them, 40. 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2. 19 and the average family size was 2. The median age in the city was 40. The gender makeup of the city was 50. 2000, there were 3,027 people, 1,279 households, and 832 families residing in the city.