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At Home- A Short History of Private Life. It was published in May 2010. The book covers topics a short history of nearly everything pdf download the commerce, architecture, technology and geography that have shaped homes into what they are today, told through a series of “tours” through Bryson’s Norfolk rectory that quickly digress into the history of each particular room.

1851 and all the difficulties and problems needed to overcome when building it. This chapter sets out the main time frame of the book, the 19th century, focusing on the events of 1851. The chapter gives a history of artificial lighting. Looking at the fundamentals of structural development in construction. New World had ever seen”.

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Timber in England becoming a scarce resource because of over-use, for example in the charcoal industry. A series of Brick Taxes discouraged continued use of brick, and prompted the use of stucco, celebrated by John Nash’s architectural transformation of Regency London. Coade stone and brick proved good building materials. Brick use revived by the abolition of the Brick Tax in 1850. 1856, the Bessemer production of molten pig iron. Steel was the material the Industrial Revolution had been waiting for.

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