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Production came together quickly and each song made the cut. 2009, a year later after the album’s release. The record received a mixed critical response and under-performed commercially in the aftermath of its double-platinum-selling predecessor. The album has since gathered a small cult following and has sold 422,000 alternate mix pdf odd and even by 2011.

In 2016, the album was certified gold by the RIAA. March 2007 to begin the writing process for the new album. At the time, the band set a tentative release date for autumn and had not yet settled on a producer. June 2007, they began tracking the album, and at that point, eight new songs had been written. After recording the new tracks and performing them live over the summer, the band returned to their native Las Vegas as well as their old rehearsal studio, where they wrote their debut record.

We wanted to approach these songs in the most basic form,” Ross said. We wrote them all on one acoustic guitar and with someone singing. I think that we kind of skipped that part of songwriting on the first record, and this time we’re sort of paying attention to that. We’ve written a bunch of songs since we’ve been home .

I think it’s the most fun and the happiest we’ve been since we started. The band continued writing for their follow-up in September 2007. In one month, the band had completed writing “six or seven songs” that contained a much more positive outlook to them, according to Ross. Las Vegas to begin recording the album.

We wanted to have a song people could just get on the first listen. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment songs that came together in a couple of hours. The song inspired the band to write happier tracks, and, from there, the band buckled down, ripping through eight new songs in a little more than six weeks, then writing a couple more while ensconced at the Palms. By the end of the year, the group was well on their way to finishing production on the album. While there, the band also mixed the album with Peter Cobbin.

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