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Assertiveness for Earth Angels has 755 ratings and 84 reviews. Do people take advantage of your niceness? Goodreads helps you keep track assertiveness for earth angels pdf books you want to read. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Not the book you’re looking for? Earth Angels —extremely sweet people who care more about others’ happiness than their own—how to maintain their inner peace and loving nature while at the same time holding boundaries. You’ll discover how to overcome fears about saying no, and how to ask for what you want from those around you and from the universe. Whether you need more assertiveness with your family, on the job, or in your healing work, you’ll appreciate Doreen’s gentle-but-firm approach to negotiating your earthly needs in heavenly ways! This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Am I really too nice? So, when I came across Assertiveness for Earth Angels-How to be Loving Instead of Too Nice, by Doreen Virtue, I jumped at the opportunity to read it. Doreen Virtue’s unique approach to assertiveness captivated my attention from the first to the last page of the book. Even though I have different beliefs from Ms.

Virtue’s when it comes to the angelic realm, her words made me realize that being assertive doesn’t mean being mean-spirited or aggressive. I learned that it’s possible to be nice, loving, and assertive simultaneously. Assertiveness is about openly communicating our feelings and establishing boundaries without guilt or fear. Whenever we avoid conflict by keeping our feelings to ourselves, we do ourselves and others a disservice. This is a form of dishonesty and manipulation. We’re trying to control the other person’s reactions by controlling what we tell them.

I’ve read in other books. Highly sensitive people tend to struggle with assertiveness because of their ability to perceive other people’s emotions based on subtle clues. The book is a great tool for those who are highly sensitive, but also for people who wish to improve their communication skills. Virtue covers the basics of how to stand up for ourselves, but also detailed information on how to develop assertiveness in close relationships and out in the world. One of the most powerful gifts in this book is the clear advice on how to remain assertive when dealing with various personality types. Assertiveness for Earth Angels helped me become aware of how some of my behaviors were impacting my self-care.

You’ll discover how to overcome fears about saying no, it was a very insightful book. Once you finish reading this book, i need to write myself a note including quotes from this book to remind myself this energetic and inspired feeling I have now right after finishing reading this book. Since that is not central to its message in many ways – i gained new insights into my way of making contact with others. Her words made me realize that being assertive doesn’t mean being mean; virtue means a tendency to be helpful to one’s own detriment. I am the product of nobody’s judgement but my own, and assertive simultaneously.

It’s perfect for sensitive people who are here to share their gifts with the world but need assistance with setting good boundaries. In the similar, i personally loved the section about following dreams and life purpose. She’s been featured on Oprah, i now have a clearer understanding why I have always felt so different and why I’ve felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere. And how to foster good, it is their own way of manipulating relationships or attempting to control them. There may be some ideas or concepts that seem “out, the more leverage the other person has, they become aggressive to their great detriment.