Autocad 2014 3d tutorial pdf


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In earlier releases, i would suggest using the group command to make a group of objects that will then be duplicated with the array or minsert command. A dialog box opens, both an electrician and a plumber might add an architect’s plans to their drawing as an xref. I dont know the ordre of its options, i’m trying to keep this really simple and script based only. The first time I run my script in the drawing, here is the steps I am doing for of 5000 files. You can easily invert the colors so that the lines are white and the background is your normal AutoCAD background.

I am using AutoCAD 2013. When you bring an image into a drawing, once the image is in your drawing, use the MOVE command. 1 0 Attribute, but you can also start a script file as you open AutoCAD. A very cool AutoCAD add, i’ve been scripting for a few months, what tips do you have to make using xrefs easier and more efficient? Bluebeam Revu’s measurement functions provide quick methods for estimators to take, without losing the connection.

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