Basketball half court diagram pdf


Corey vs Ivan in 2008. Scoring is achieved by putting the ball into the net at the opponent’s end of the court for points, while preventing the opposing team from doing the basketball half court diagram pdf at one’s own net.

The aim is to have outscored the opposing team when the game ends. A successful score can be worth two points if the ball is thrown through the hoop without the offensive player touching the hoop. Each team has a coach and additional staff which includes assistant coaches, managers, statisticians, doctors, etc. The game is controlled by two referees and the table officials. The table keeps track of the score, time, team possessions, fouls and the shot clock. The game commences with a “bounce-off” in which the ball is bounced at center court.

The ball must reach its apex uninterrupted, at which point the players are allowed to “check” each other. Teams change ends for the second half. Each team has four players on the court at any one time. This is the primary ball handler on the team. It is his job to run the offense and organize the other members while controlling the flow of the game. Typically he would be responsible to set up the gunners to attack the basket while adding in his own offensive threat, comparable to a point guard in basketball. The primary scorer on the team.

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