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Many of his books are now available in digital format and many of his recorded talks and lectures are available become what you are alan watts pdf download the Internet. Holbrook Lane, which was subsequently lived in by author John Hemming-Clark in the early 2000s. With modest financial means, they chose to live in pastoral surroundings and Alan, an only child, grew up playing at brookside, learning the names of wildflowers and butterflies.

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Buchans, an interest in “ultimate things” seeped in. But it mixed with Alan’s own interests in storybook fables and romantic tales of the mysterious Far East. Watts also later wrote of a mystical dream he experienced while ill with a fever as a child. During this time he was influenced by Far Eastern landscape paintings and embroideries that had been given to his mother by missionaries returning from China. The few Chinese paintings Watts was able to see in England riveted him, and he wrote “I was aesthetically fascinated with a certain clarity, transparency, and spaciousness in Chinese and Japanese art. These works of art emphasized the participatory relationship of man in nature, a theme that stood fast throughout his life, and one that he often writes about. By his own assessment, Watts was imaginative, headstrong, and talkative.