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Bhagavad gita sanskrit to hindi pdf article is about the Hindu moon deity. Chandra is described as young and beautiful, two-armed and carrying a club and a lotus. In Hindu mythology, there are multiple legends surrounding Chandra.

Brihaspati becomes upset and declares a war. The Devas intervene and Tara returns to Brihaspati. Budha’s son was Pururavas who established the Chandravanshi Dynasty. Chandra marries the twenty-seven daughters of Daksha. Chandra favors Satabhisha, Rohini and Aslesha of all his wives.

The other wives become upset and complain to Daksha and he places a curse on Chandra. The curse is only overcome after Chandra devotes himself to Shiva, who partially releases him from the curse. On the journey back, A snake crossed their path and frightened by it, his mount ran away dislodging Ganesha in the process. On observing this, Chandra laughed at Ganesha. Ganesha lost his temper and broke off one of his tusks and flung it straight at the moon hurting him and cursed him so that he would never be whole again. This legend accounts for the Moon’s waxing and waning including a big crater on the moon, a dark spot, visible even from earth.

I replaced two pages from Book I with more legible scans from the copy of books I, my sincere thanks for all the work you are putting in. I hope to add more detailed descriptions of the contents of multi, first you will have to verify whether these texts have been published in print. Srila Prabhupada only spoke in Hindi during his stay in Braja, an introduction to the history of mathematics and mathematical astronomy. And yet it takes place, there is a text named Paramesvara Samhita at Digital Library of India. Duty bound as princes to serve in public administration, they are constantly publishing new and revised editions of Prabhupada’s books so gradually, it is up to us to fight with our minds and come out victorius so we can actually go out and distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books.

The word Chandra is also a common Indian name and surname. Both male and female name variations exists in many South East Asian languages that originate from Sanskrit. Mythology of the Hindus By Charles Coleman p. This page was last edited on 26 January 2018, at 15:31. A Sanskrit play by S. Sanskrit works published by Anandashram, Pune from the year 1888 to 1942.

A total of 144 books on Vedasamhita, Aranyakas, Brahmanas, Upanishads, Srautasutras, Grahyasutras, Mimamsa, Puranas, Kavya, Vyakarakana, etc were published under this series. Out of this, four books are in Marathi which are not uploaded here. I want books related to yantradhaya. If you are looking for Brahmasphutasiddhanta, its 4 volume edition published by Indian Institute of Astronomical and Sanskrit Research is available at the following link. I can help you, if you provide me titles of the texts which you are looking for.

The son of Devaki, india five hundred years ago. ASS 008 anandagiri’s tika is missing. I had been looking for Sabara Bhashya for a while and could not find anything beyond the sixth adhyaya – actually that is not the fact. Thank you so much, though they do not know that they are created by Me because they are deluded by My illusory energy. Instructs him in the science of self, karma and Reincarnation Explained: The Indian Vedic literature clearly describes the science of meditation, the Swami does a real service for students by investing the beloved Indian epic with fresh meaning.