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Several months before the game’s scheduled release, the premium module program was cancelled. In addition to the main storyline of the game, there are numerous sidequests that can be undertaken for a variety of rewards. The intro of the game tells the player about the recent events in city of Daggerford. Pwyll Greatshout, the duke of Daggerford, book of vile darkness 3.5 pdf download during strange circumstances.

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To maintain stability, a new leader was chosen: Baron Matagar Bugo, who promises the citizens to make Daggerford a new trading giant like Waterdeep. In the meantime, raider attacks on caravans become too often, and strange disappearings of cattle make people believe that hard times wait ahead. The game begins with players working as freelance adventurers escorting a caravan from Waterdeep to Daggerford. He soon discovers that Talarenne was mistaken for an agent of Waterdeep who came to city in order to find out truth about Pwyll Greatshout death and the current political situation. The player decides to aid the agent. The rest of the story follows the player character’s efforts to rescue the missing party member and find the truth about what is going on around Daggerford. Gradually, an evil plot by Zhentarim is uncovered, and player has to do everything to stop it from fruition, or the city might be taken over or even destroyed.