Cosmic encounter expansions rules pdf


The cover of the current edition of Cosmic Encounter, cosmic encounter expansions rules pdf Fantasy Flight Games. Most editions of the game are designed for three to six players, although official rules exist for playing with as many as eight players. A central “Warp” is used to place defeated ships for all players.

The object of the game is to establish five colonies on planets outside one’s home system. On a player’s turn, they retrieve one ship from the warp, and then draw a card from the “Destiny” deck, containing color-coded cards which indicate which player’s system they must attack. 1 to 4 ships on the gate. Both the attacker and defender can ask the other players individually to ally with their side, committing up to 4 ships to either side of the conflict. Once allies have committed, the attacker and defender both select encounter cards from their hands to place face-down, then reveal them.

If both cards are Attack cards, the total of the attack value and number of allied ships are added for both sides, and the side with the larger value wins with the defending player winning in case of ties. If the attacking side wins, the defender’s colony is lost and all ships and allies’ ships are sent to the warp, while the attacker and their allies gain colonies on that planet. If the defending side wins, the attacker and allies’ ships are sent to the warp, and defending allies gain a bonus of either a ship from the warp or a new card from the deck for each ship risked. If one side plays a Negotiate card against a numbered card, they immediately lose, but they, though not their allies, get “compensation” from the victor such as by drawing cards from the victor’s hand.

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