Dell latitude e6500 specs pdf


52 million from investors between 2001 and 2004. 4 billion was the highest dell latitude e6500 specs pdf paid for a company financed by venture investors at the time.

TD Capital Ventures, Focus Ventures and Sigma. Ethernet connections are PS4110, PS6110 and PS6210. There have been a number of previous generations, and as long as the software is updated on older systems they can work with the newer models. 4 RU chassis for some of the PS61x0 models and the PS65x0 dense models. Groups can mix different members, including multiple hardware generations, as well as different RAID types, in a group. By combining multiple arrays per group, very large storage groups can be created with maximum capacity in one group of over 1. Arrays can be segmented into pools, and from pools, volumes.

Volumes are exposed on a SAN network, and used by virtual machine hosts or other computers. Each array comes with two controllers, offering redundancy and load-balancing. Ethernet interfaces for the iSCSI traffic and one management interface. A typical array has 2 or more iSCSI Ethernet interfaces and one management interface. Controllers can be readily identified by a combination of their “faceplate” profile and color. Its current primary models are the PS4100, PS6100 and PS6500 with 1Gb Ethernet and 10 Gb Ethernet model options.