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DCE to DTE”, or in a typical scenario, from the peripheral to the computer. Its purpose varies depending on the device connected, but the most typical meaning is to indicate when a modem is connected to another remote detect pdf in a page via telephone lines.

On a data modem, loss of the carrier equates to termination of the connection. DCD signal changes state, preventing the PC from needing to constantly poll the pin. DCD is very important on modems, as it is the computer’s primary way to find out that the modem has lost its connection to the remote host. Aside from intentional disconnects, modems can lose their connection for a variety of reasons unexpectedly – such as the phone line being disconnected.

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This status light is directly coupled with what the modem is sending the DCD line. By default, when a modem is powered up, the DCD signal is deasserted. It is not asserted until the modem either makes an outgoing call, or answers an incoming call, and then connects with a data modem on the other end. DCD is deasserted once the local modem is no longer receiving carrier from the remote modem, regardless of which side initiated the disconnect. So long as the DCD signal is high, the computer can assume that any data coming from the modem was sent from the remote side.

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