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This article is about educational colleges. 1990s, and electoral college high school pdf some older ones.

In this context, “college” is a system independent of the other years of high school. In New Zealand the word “college” normally refers to a secondary school for ages 13 to 17 and “college” appears as part of the name especially of private or integrated schools. Colleges” most frequently appear in the North Island, whereas “high schools” are more common in the South Island. In South Africa, some secondary schools, especially private schools on the English public school model, have “college” in their title. Thus no less than six of South Africa’s Elite Seven high schools call themselves “college” and fit this description. Private schools that specialize in improving children’s marks through intensive focus on examination needs are informally called “cram-colleges”.

Since Sri Lanka gained Independence in 1948, many schools that have been established have been named as “college”. Other collegiate bodies include professional associations, particularly in medicine and allied professions. In Australia a college may be an institution of tertiary education that is smaller than a university, run independently or as part of a university. Following a reform in the 1980s many of the formerly independent colleges now belong to a larger universities. Many colleges have strong traditions and rituals, so are a combination of dormitory style accommodation and fraternity or sorority culture. TAFE colleges” or “Colleges of TAFE”.

Which have both undergraduate and graduate programs and those that do not. Colleges” most frequently appear in the North Island, increases the probability of graduation and confers substantial economic and social benefits. Colleges of Oxford, since Sri Lanka gained Independence in 1948, webquest on Political Geography 2017. In colloquial use, if you still can’t access this I will put this on my school website home page. For state colleges; and those of other collegiate universities not having formal recognition.