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Emile Zola – La Fortune des Rougon. This had a profound impact on Zola, who decided to write his own, unique cycle. In one word, his work wants to be the mirror of the contemporary society. My work, emile zola the masterpiece pdf, will be something else entirely.

The scope will be narrower. I don’t want to describe the contemporary society, but a single family, showing how the race is modified by the environment. My big task is to be strictly naturalist, strictly physiologist. He intended to prove this by showing how these two factors could influence the members of a family. The great characteristic of the Rougon-Macquarts, the group or family which I propose to study, is their ravenous appetite, the great outburst of our age which rushes upon enjoyment.

Physiologically the Rougon-Macquarts represent the slow succession of accidents pertaining to the nerves or the blood, which befall a race after the first organic lesion, and, according to environment, determine in each individual member of the race those feelings, desires and passions—briefly, all the natural and instinctive manifestations peculiar to humanity—whose outcome assumes the conventional name of virtue or vice. To study in a family the questions of blood and environments. To study the whole Second Empire, from the coup d’état to nowadays. Since his first goal was to show how heredity can affect the lives of descendants, Zola started working on the Rougon-Macquart by drawing the family tree for the Rougon-Macquart. Though it was to be modified many times over the years, with some members appearing or disappearing, the original tree shows how Zola planned the whole cycle before writing the first book.

It is part of a biological theory that tries to determine how heredity transmits traits through generations. Physical likeness: Whether the member looks like his mother or his father. Biographical information: his job and important facts of his life. Otherwise, the date of death is included. An early tree showing the heredity.

Each family has a color, and each child is influenced by one or more families. Jean Macquart, né en 1831 – Election de la mère – Ressemblance physique du père. Jean Macquart, born in 1831 – Prepotency of the mother – Physical likeness to his father. Some would never be made, others were to be added later on. To study the Second Empire, Zola thought of each novel as a novel about a specific aspect of the life in his time.

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However, the last idea would never be made into a book. Indeed, at the beginning, Zola didn’t know exactly how many books he would write. In the first letter to his publisher, he mentioned “ten episodes”. In the end, he settled for twenty books.

In between, there is no “best sequence” in which to read the novels in the cycle, as they are not in chronological order and indeed are impossible to arrange into such an order. The Rougon-Macquart family begins with Adelaïde Fouque. She marries Rougon, and gives birth to a son, Pierre Rougon. However, she also has a lover, the smuggler Macquart, with whom she has two children: Ursule and Antoine Macquart.

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