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The information fascist party game pdf secret by Redwatch is indexed by cities or regions. Trade unionists, in particular teachers and journalists, figure prominently in the listings.

The TUC have promised to provide the Home Secretary with examples of experiences that trade unionists and other left-wing campaigners have had as a result of having their details published on Redwatch, whilst the Home Secretary promised to hold discussions with the police about what could be done to stop the activities of the website. The website temporarily became unavailable around 6 December 2008, with all of its various URLs leading directly to error or Internet service provider pages. It returned later that month. Kevin Watmough from Redwatch and confiscated his computers for investigation. Redwatch justifies its content as a reaction to leftist websites and magazines who display similar content: “Photographs and information about the reds who attempt to harass and assault British Nationalists and their families. The red scum target us, Redwatch plays them at their own game”. There have been many reports to the police of people receiving death threats after their details have appeared on the Redwatch website.

Antony White, leafleting his school, had his details listed on Redwatch, allegedly after the jailing of White. 16 May 2006 after the recent appearance of his personal data on the Redwatch website. The assailants reportedly shouted “We’ll kill you, you leftist motherfucker! Midgley how to post pictures of a local councillor, while acknowledging that it was against the party’s policy. At precisely the same time, Joe Owens, a Merseyside BNP candidate with several convictions for violent offences, began sending him emails gloating that he had photographic details of his house, car and family. In May 2006, a Polish political activist was attacked and stabbed, requiring surgery. He stated that he believed the attack was linked to his recent listing on the Polish version of the website.

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