Ferdinand the bull book pdf


In the beginning, there are lots of bulls, romping around together and butting their ferdinand the bull book pdf. There was only one bull who wasn’t doing that, in whom was, Ferdinand. Then one day his mother noticed that he wasn’t playing with the other bulls. His mom then asked him why he wasn’t joining in with them.

He replied and said ‘All I want to do is to sit and smell the flowers! Thankfully, his mother was very understanding. Over the years, Ferdinand grew and grew until he was as big as the tree. Then one day, five strange-looking men were here to see the bulls. When the bulls noticed them, they fought as rough as possible, hoping that they would get picked, but not Ferdinand, who just went back to smell the flowers. Just as Ferdinand was sitting, he accidentally sat on a bumblebee. The pain of the bee’s sting made him go on a crazy rampage, knocking the other bulls out, and eventually tear down a tree.

The five men cheered as they took Ferdinand to Madrid. There was a lot of excitement when the day of the bullfight came. On posters, they called him Ferdinand the Fierce. When he was bowing, a woman in the audience gave him a bouquet of flowers which landed in his hand.

Then the moment came where Ferdinand came out. He was wondering what was he doing there. The banderilleros and picadors were scared and hid, but the matador was scared stiff because Ferdinand was so big and strong. But Ferdinand looked and saw the bouquet of flowers, he walked over, scared the matador away, but just started smelling the flowers. The matador was very angry that Ferdinand wasn’t charging at him. Eventually, he was led out of the arena smelling the flowers and taken back home where he continued to sit under the tree and smell the flowers. The Christmas show is especially popular in Sweden where it has aired since 1959 and has become a Christmas tradition.

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