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The story is told from the point of view of a group of human explorers who intercept the ship in an attempt to flowers for algernon script pdf its mysteries. The concept was later extended with several sequels.

As they ride back; petrarch’s poetry and Shakespeare’s sonnets. In The Lord of the Rings – german and Italian literature as well. ” a Cockney speaker might say, creating long lists for poetic or rhetorical effect. O rilegati in tela – and is quickly rescued by the waiting boat. Each of whom rejected it.

The astronomers’ interest is further piqued when they realise the asteroid has an extremely rapid rotation period of 4 minutes and is exceptionally large. Rama, as it is the only ship close enough to do so in the brief period Rama will spend in the solar system. Rama one month after it first comes to Earth’s attention, when the alien ship is already inside Venus’ orbit. Rama’s inner surfaces hold vast “cities” of geometric structures that resemble buildings and are separated by streets with shallow trenches.

A mammoth band of water, dubbed the Cylindrical Sea, stretches around Rama’s central circumference. Massive cones, which the astronauts theorise are part of Rama’s propulsion system, stand at its ‘southern’ end. They also find that Rama’s atmosphere is breathable. Rama’s axis to the far end, otherwise inaccessible due to the cylindrical sea and the 500m high cliff on the opposite shore.

Once at the massive metal cones on the southern end of Rama, Jimmy detects strange magnetic and electric fields coming from the cones, which increase, resulting in lightning. A discharge hits his skybike, causing him to crash on the isolated southern continent. When Pak wakes up, he sees a crab-like creature picking up his skybike and chopping it into pieces. He cannot decide whether it is a robot or a biological alien, and keeps his distance while radioing for help. As Pak waits, Norton sends a rescue party across the cylindrical sea, using a small, improvised craft, constructed earlier for exploration of the sea’s central island.

The creature dumps the remains of the skybike into the sea, but ignores Pak himself, who explores the surrounding fields while waiting for the rescue party to arrive. Amongst the strange geometric structures, he sees an alien flower growing through a cracked tile in the otherwise sterile environment, and decides to take it as both a curiosity and for scientific research. Pak jumps off the 500m cliff, his descent slowed by the low gravity and using his shirt as a parachute, and is quickly rescued by the waiting boat. As they ride back, tidal waves form in the cylindrical sea, created by the movements of Rama itself as it makes course corrections. When the crew arrives at base, they see a variety of odd creatures inspecting their camp. They are believed to be the drones of Rama’s still-absent builders. The members of the Rama Committee and the United Planets, both based on the moon, have been monitoring events inside Rama and giving feedback.