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At Berkeley, beyond her primary teaching roles in Political Theory and Critical Theory, Brown is also an affiliated faculty member of the Department of Rhetoric, the Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program, the Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender and Sexuality, and the Designated Emphasis in Early Modern Studies. Brown’s work has been translated into more than twenty languages and has received many awards. Free political science books pdf 2012, her book Walled States, Waning Sovereignty won the David Eastman Award.

Brown received the 2016 Distinguished Teaching Award, UC Berkeley’s most prestigious honor for teaching. She was a plenary speaker at the 2017 European Sociological Association conference in Athens, Greece. In this work Brown asks how a sense of woundedness can become the basis for individual and collective forms of identity. From outlawing hate speech to banning pornography, Brown argues, well-intentioned attempts at protection can legitimize the state while harming subjects by codifying their identities as helpless or in need of continuous governmental regulation. While breaking ground in political theory, this work also represents one of Brown’s key interventions in feminist and queer theory. The book offers a novel account of legal and political power as constitutive of norms of sexuality and gender.

Through the concept of “wounded attachments”, Brown contends that psychic injury may accompany and sustain racial, ethnic, and gender categories, particularly in relation to state law and discursive formations. This book comprises a series of essays on contemporary political issues from the problem of moralism in politics to the legacies of past injustices in the present. What happens to left and liberal political orientations when faith in progress is broken, when both the sovereign individual and sovereign states seem tenuous, when desire seems as likely to seek punishment as freedom, when all political conviction is revealed as contingent and subjective? Much of this book takes history and liberalism themselves as objects of theoretical reflection and sites of contestation. Brown rethinks the disorientation and possibility inherent to contemporary democracy. Each individual essay begins with a specific problem: what is the relationship between love, loyalty, and dissent in contemporary American political life?

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