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We explore the complementary properties of Kinect gaussian 09 user’s reference pdf and inertial sensors. We describe a GP model to improve the context sensing in proxemic interactions.

The model incorporates positions and accelerations in multi-rate sensor fusion. We identify users by matching Kinect skeletons with the sensed data from devices. Kinect sensor and mobile inertial sensors. The Bayesian nonparametric model provides a principled mechanism for incorporating the low-sampling-rate position measurements and the high-sampling-rate derivatives in multi-rate sensor fusion which takes account of the uncertainty of each sensor type.

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The complementary properties of these sensors enable the GP model to calculate the likelihood of the observed Kinect skeletons and inertial data to identify individual users. We compared the GP with the direct acceleration comparison method. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. This paper has been recommended for acceptance by E. This document is a collaborative effort. Is there a class in the standard library of .

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