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Please note that Internet Explorer version 8. Click the View full text link to bypass dynamically loaded article content. The Florida Everglades have been dramatically altered by a variety of water withdrawals and diversions over the past century that have substantially decreased the flow of vital freshwater with cascading impacts throughout this unique ecosystem. Everglades restoration program, probably the largest such effort of its kind. Students will have the opportunity to analyze real world data, critique research publications, design an experiment to help better understand new threats, explore cutting edge technologies, assess ongoing management efforts, and consider the many systems connections at work across this complex ecosystem. An invaluable marine resource that is home to a diversity of marine life and an important recreational site for millions of tourists, the Mediterranean Sea is threatened by a wide array of stressors. Students will be able to explore geospatial data sets, perform statistical analyses with real-world data, examine the broader impact of invasive species and climate change on the Mediterranean, and develop a comprehensive plan of action to better protect the Mediterranean Sea from the host of stressors facing it.

The Gulf of Mexico has been plagued by a variety of problems, from red tide blooms to oil spills, and in recent decades, the annual formation of the Dead Zone, an area characterized by reduced oxygen levels in the water, has been threatening marine life in the Gulf. In this case study, we present an overview of the Mississippi River drainage basin, focusing on sources, transport, and fate of nitrogen, a key ingredient in Dead Zone formation. We review the causes and impacts of low-oxygen conditions on the Gulf ecosystem and review watershed-scale solutions designed to stem the flow of nutrients into the Gulf. Mississippi River basin from the perspective of different user groups. Although many of the Earth’s major rivers have been polluted by human activities, here we focus on two systems undergoing restoration: the River Thames in the UK and the Grand Calumet River in northern Indiana in the US. The River Thames has long been considered a shining success story in river restoration, while progress on the Grand Calumet has been slower. In this case study, we review the causes of degradation of these two rivers, examine strategies used to restore both systems, and consider the additional impact of threats like climate change.

The ongoing absorption of carbon dioxide by the world’s oceans has led to increased acidity of these waters, with serious implication for both marine species and human populations, which depend on these resources. This case study begins with a review of the carbon chemistry of ocean waters, examines the likely impacts of increasing ocean acidity on species like oysters and communities like coral reefs, reviews a risk assessment of the impacts of ocean acidification on human populations in Alaska, and considers one example of efforts to combat ocean acidification. Yet, groundwater overuse and contamination threaten the availability and quality of this vital resource. In this case study, we start with some basic facts about groundwater hydrology and threats to its quality and supply.

We then explore in detail two examples of groundwater pollution: nitrate contamination of groundwater in California’s agricultural regions and arsenic contamination of Bangladesh’s tube wells. Students will have the opportunity to design a groundwater monitoring system, explore new remote sensing technologies to measure groundwater levels, consider options for mitigating the impacts of groundwater contamination, and assess the status of global groundwater supplies and efforts to better manage them. The construction and operation of large dams on major rivers can result in many benefits, but also can lead to a variety of social and environmental ills. This case study looks at the world’s largest hydroelectric facility, China’s Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, presents background information on the river and its watershed, reviews the many environmental issues associated with the dam, and considers the pros and cons of large dams, including an analysis of alternatives, like microdams.

Students will have the opportunity to use satellite imagery to explore the nature of the Three Gorges Dam landscape, review research on dam impacts, use their systems connection skills to explore links to mercury contamination and algal blooms, and debate the pros and cons of large dam construction. This article has not been cited. GPI has brought impacts to the office market in Korea. Locations of GPI have been highly concentrated geographically. Demand for services in the office market has risen. A CBD transformation strategy enhanced public spaces of the CBD. As more and more countries liberalise their financial systems, capital has become increasingly mobile.

These emerging capital flows and the accumulation of capital are mainly embodied in foreign direct investment. A new component is global property investment which is creating an internationalised office market and distinctive spatial patterns in global cities. Massive cross-border capital flows, associated with the decision of international property investors, will result in locally intensive changes. Understanding these changes will allow advice to refine and enhance sectoral and urban policy. The primary purpose of this study is, therefore, to explore the characteristics of GPI via the magnitude of the flows, global investors’ location choice, links between property markets and office space markets, and government response to these outcomes.

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