How to print 1 pdf twice on same page


Spooling allows programs to “hand off” work to be done by the peripheral and then proceed to other tasks, or do not begin until input has been transcribed. In many cases the spooler is able to drive devices at their full rated speed with minimal impact on other processing. Multiple processes can write documents to the spool without how to print 1 pdf twice on same page, and can then perform other tasks, while the “spooler” process operates the printer.

For example, when a large organization prepares payroll checks, the computation takes only a few minutes or even seconds, but the printing process might take hours. If the payroll program printed checks directly, it would be unable to proceed to other computations until all the checks were printed. Spooler or print management software often includes a variety of related features, such as allowing priorities to be assigned to print jobs, notifying users when their documents have been printed, distributing print jobs among several printers, selecting appropriate paper for each document, etc. Banner pages are valuable in office environments where many people share a small number of printers. The page might include lines printed over the fold, which would be visible along the edge of a stack of printed output, allowing the operator to easily separate the jobs. Some systems would also print a banner page at the end of each job, assuring users that they had collected all of their printout.

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