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Sometimes variation of parameters itself is called Duhamel’s principle and vice versa. A forerunner of the method of introduction to ordinary differential equations 4th edition pdf of a celestial body’s orbital elements appeared in Euler’s work in 1748, while he was studying the mutual perturbations of Jupiter and Saturn.

1753 he applied the method to his study of the motions of the moon. Lagrange first used the method in 1766. It should be noted that Euler and Lagrange applied this method to nonlinear differential equations and that, instead of varying the coefficients of linear combinations of solutions to homogeneous equations, they varied the constants of the unperturbed motions of the celestial bodies. During 1808-1810, Lagrange gave the method of variation of parameters its final form in a series of papers. Accordingly, his method implied that the perturbations depend solely on the position of the secondary, but not on its velocity.

Therefore, the method of variation of parameters used by Lagrange was extended to the situation with velocity-dependent forces. Since the above is only one equation and we have two unknown functions, it is reasonable to impose a second condition. 1970 by Dover Publications, Inc. Théorie des variations séculaires des élémens des Planetes. Théorie des variations périodiques des mouvemens des Planetes. Sur le probleme de la détermination des orbites des cometes d’après trois observations. Troisième mémoire, dans lequel on donne une solution directe et générale du problème.

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