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This article is about the novel. White Fang’s journey to domestication. London to explore how animals view their law is a white dog pdf and how they view humans.

The men, Bill and Henry, are stalked by a large pack of starving wolves over the course of several days. The story then follows the pack, which has been robbed of its last prey. The surviving cub and the she-wolf are left to fend for themselves. Shortly afterward, the she-wolf kills all the lynx’s kittens to feed her cub, prompting the lynx to track her down, and a vicious fight breaks out. One man, Grey Beaver, recognizes the she-wolf as Kiche, his brother’s wolfdog, who left during a famine.

The Indians save him, but the pups never accept him, and the leader, Lip-lip, singles him out for persecution. White Fang grows to become a savage, callous, morose, solitary, and deadly fighter, “the enemy of his kind”. It is at this time that White Fang is separated from his mother who is sold off to another Indian Camp. He realizes how hard life in the wild is when he runs away from camp and earns the respect of Grey Beaver when he saves his son Mit-Sah from a group of boys seeking revenge. When a famine occurs, he runs away into the woods and reunites with his mother Kiche, only for her to chase him away for she has a new litter of cubs. He also encounters Lip-Lip whom he fights and kills before returning to the camp.

Grey Beaver can trade with the gold-hunters. Cherokee is brought in to fight him. Cherokee has the upper hand in the fight when he grips the skin and fur of White Fang’s neck and begins to throttle him. White Fang nearly suffocates but is rescued when a rich, young gold hunter, Weedon Scott, stops the fight and forcefully buys White Fang from Beauty Smith. Scott attempts to tame White Fang, and after a long, patient effort, he succeeds. When Scott attempts to return to California alone, White Fang pursues him, and Scott decides to take the dog with him back home.

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