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Midkemia by magically created rifts in space. Midkemia is very similar to Earth in climate, and magicians of the gods pdf free flora and fauna. It has three continents: Triagia, Novindus and Wiñet.

It has two oceans, though there are various names for them depending on the continent or nation. The Endless Sea is west of Triagia and is east of Novindus where it is called the Blue Sea. The Sea of Tears is east of Triagia and west of Novindus where it is called the Green Sea. Humans constitute the vast majority of the population of this continent, with other races contributing almost negligibly to the total.

The extreme north is mostly sparsely inhabited wilderness with few enduring settlements. The continent surrounds, but does not completely enclose, two large seas, the Bitter Sea to the west and the Sea of Kingdoms to the east, which together form a moderately-sized isthmus in the middle of Triaga located about one-third of the length of the continent from south to north. The northern portion is heavily forested, but the south has few forests and is described in ways that would suggest a more equatorial latitude. The Jal-Pur desert is the most notable desert on the continent and occupies most of the central expanse of the southern landmass. The northern parts of Triagia seem to be based on European culture – for example, Bas-Tyra is based on France, and Rodez on Spain – while the south is based on Africa and the Middle East – for example, the women of the Jal-Pur desert in Kesh wear head coverings similar to the hijab worn by women in Islamic cultures. The vast majority of Feist’s work which feature Midkemia occur at least in part on Triagia, and most take place there in their entirety.

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