Michael friedman kant and the exact sciences pdf


Timothy Lenoir launched the historical study of German life science at the end of the 18th century with the claim that Michael friedman kant and the exact sciences pdf. Göttingen School’ before 1795, when Lenoir posits the main influence of Kant’s thought took hold.

This has crucial significance for the historical reconstruction of the German life sciences in the period. The Lenoir thesis can no longer serve as the point of departure for that reconstruction. Kant stipulated the constitutive-regulative distinction for life science. Blumenbach did not observe that distinction in formulating the Bildungstrieb.

Therefore Lenoir is wrong to think that Blumenbach’s theory follows from Kant’s philosophy. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Kant’s treatment of epigenesis gets appraised in terms of the relation between philosophy of science and empirical natural science. Jennifer Mensch demonstrates Kant’s appropriation of epigenesis for transcendental philosophy and rejection of it as actual theory in life science. I query whether Kant’s philosophy offers resources for contemporary philosophy of biology.

In my commentary, I propose to clarify my own position on epigenesis relative to that of Mensch and others by once again considering the discourse of epigenesis in the wider eighteenth century. Historically, I maintain that Kant was never fully an epigenesist because he feared its materialist implications. In order to situate more precisely what Kant made of epigenesis, I distinguish his metaphysical use, as elaborated by Mensch, from his view of it as a theory for life science. In that light, I raise questions about the scope and authority of philosophy vis a vis natural science. Dies ist ein als lesenswert ausgezeichneter Artikel. Kant schuf eine neue, umfassende Perspektive in der Philosophie, welche die Diskussion bis ins 21. Von Kants insgesamt acht Geschwistern erreichten nur vier das Erwachsenenalter.

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