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Unsourced material may players option skills & powers pdf challenged and removed. TSR2156 Dungeon Master Option High-Level Campaigns. The book starts with “The Seven Maxims”, a series of common-sense principles. Second is “Adventures”, which offers a mechanic to generate custom lands and creatures.

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Spells and Magical Items” addresses the nature of high-level magical powers, detailing suggested limits for both spells and magical items, while “Creating Magic Items” deals with high-level wizards who want to create weapons and wands and “Magical Duels” introduces a mage-specific combat system, with the idea that wizards can fight by proxy in a pseudo-world in which they can unleash their mightiest magic for any purpose. True Dweomers” is an additional spell list, while “High-level Characters” suggests extra abilities to give to powerful characters. The book begins with a one-page foreword by Skip Williams. Don’t depend on the dice, Use adversaries intelligently and inventively, Control magic, Be aware of demographics, Think on an epic scale, Plan ahead, and Share responsibility with your players.

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