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Confused by the book tool? There are almost no limits when creating books from Wikipedia content. A good book focuses on a certain topic and covers it as well as possible. A meaningful title helps other users to have the correct expectation regarding the content of a book.

Books should have a reasonable number of articles. One article is not enough, but books that result in PDFs with more than 500 pages are probably too big, and may even cause problems on older computers. If your book has a clear focus, meaningful title and is a reasonable size, consider adding it to the list of community books. This page shows you how to create a book from Wikipedia articles in four easy steps.

It is possible to create books through editing as well. 1: First click on the “Create a book” link in the left margin. 2: Click on the blue button to start the book creator. 3: From now on, this toolbar will appear on top of every Wikipedia article. To add the currently viewed page to your book, just click on “Add this page to your book”. If you open a category page, the “Add this page to your book” will change to “Add this category to your book”. Clicking on “Add this category to your book” will add all articles in that category.

After selecting a few articles, you can click on “Suggest pages” and you will be presented with a list of articles related to your selection. This helps you to create a more complete book if you run out of ideas, or just want to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. 4: You don’t even have to open every page, you want to add to your book. Just hover over a link for a few seconds and click on “Add linked wiki page to your book” in the yellow box that appears. 5: Once you are happy with the articles you collected, click on “Show book” to manage your book. You can give your book a title and subtitle, change the order of articles, remove articles, or add chapters to distinguish certain sections of your book. You can save your book on the “Book” page, which can be reached by clicking the “Show book” link in the menu on the left hand side or in the toolbar.

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