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Olivia Fenlon, and a few others. The company originally only had a few full-time staff, relying on raiders of the lost artifacts rpg pdf work from the other founders.

But as income increased, it brought more on as employees. ICE’s home state of Virginia. ICE began by publishing a series of rules supplements, beginning with “Arms Law”, which were intended to serve as modular add-ons to other RPG systems offering greater detail. Concurrent with the rules supplements, ICE began releasing world campaign content materials in what was originally called the “Loremaster” series, beginning with “Iron Wind”. Tolkien Enterprises granted because no one else had ever asked. Later with Hero Games staff leaving for other jobs, ICE took over the creative reins of Hero’s products.

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Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries book lines. ICE was forced to recall and destroy the whole line of books, at devastating cost. Meanwhile, ICE sued the Narnia licensor as they turned out to not have the necessary rights to license Narnia to ICE. That company went bankrupt from the legal settlement and was unable to pay ICE their damages. ICE reached terms in 1988 for a gamebook license with the estate of J. Unwin for four new Middle-earth Quest books, beginning with “Spy in Isengard”.

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