The basics of sterile processing free pdf


Sterile technique is an essential patient safety principle that reduces the risk of microbial transmission to patients during surgery. The ability to establish and maintain a sterile environment is an important skill for all perioperative team members. Understanding the the basics of sterile processing free pdf of sterile technique is crucial for anyone entering the perioperative environment.

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This Back to Basics article reviews sterile technique and the importance of all perioperative team members adhering to aseptic principles. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. DNP, RN, CNS-CP, CNOR, ACNS, ACNP, FAAN, is the director of Evidence-Based Perioperative Practice at AORN, Inc, Denver, CO. Dr Spruce has no declared affiliation that could be perceived as posing a potential conflict of interest in the publication of this article. Flexible endoscopes are important tools in patient care, yet recent outbreaks of infections in patients who have undergone endoscopic procedures have increased awareness of how the complex design of these instruments makes them difficult to clean.

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