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This is a featured list. Click here for the complete collected poems of maya angelou pdf information. African American woman in her fifties, wearing a dark coat, standing at a podium reading to a crowd gathered behind her.

More than thirty health care and medical facilities have been named after Angelou. She was awarded more than fifty honorary degrees. Angelou in several ways, including numerous invitations to speak to its student body, an honorary degree in 1985, the institution of the Maya Angelou Resource Library in 1989, and a stone dedicated to her on the campus’s Walk of Fame in 1994. Presented by Wellesley College for her soaring inspiration to live life with intensity, integrity and intelligence.

Given to celebrate the contributions of women leaders who work in transportation, and to recognize Angelou for being the first Black female streetcar conductor in San Francisco. Stamp issued by the U. President Obama wrongly attributed the sentence to Angelou during the presentation of the 2013 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal. An elderly African-American woman, seated, smiling broadly, and dressed in black, being given an award by an African-American man in his fifties, wearing a blue tie and leaning over from behind her. Forsyth center for women’s health named after Angelou”. Whose Honor Is It, Anyway”.

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