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Gudrun’s brother Gunnar also wished to marry Brynhild, but this was impossible as she had sworn to marry only the man who could defeat her in a fair fight, whom she knew to the legend of sigurd and gudrun pdf Sigurd. Sigurd fights his way through the fire and promises to marry Brynhild, but is then bewitched by the ring of Andvarinaut. Sigurd then switches bodies with Gunnar and, in this guise, gallops through the fire and wins Brynhild again, who is deceived by this ruse into marrying the real Gunnar.

Gunnar had agreed to Sigurd’s marrying Gudrun under the condition that Sigurd would win Brynhild for him first. Both queens, Gudrun and Brynhild, were married on the same day. Sigurd forget his love for Brynhild. Later, when Brynhild learns that she has been tricked into marrying the inferior Gunnar, she exacts vengeance by telling Gunnar that Sigurd had taken liberties with her, so Gunnar has Sigurd killed.

Gudrun is so overcome with grief at the death of the one she loves that she cannot weep. The royal court fears for her life, and when finally her sister shows Sigurd’s corpse to Gudrun, tears flow at last. Gudrun laments her lost husband and predicts the death of his killer, her own brother Gunnar. The queen takes revenge for her murdered family by killing her two sons by Atli, Erp and Eitil, and serving them to their father at a feast. Gudrun sets fire to Atli’s hall, killing him along with all of his men. She tries to drown herself by jumping into the sea with an armful of stones. In this version she willingly gives up the Nibelungs’ ring and gold after Siegfried’s death, having realized the deadly curse they bring on all who would try to claim them for their own.

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Tolkien – The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun Coverart. However, there are new perils to come. There is but one chance for the doom of the nine worlds to be averted. If on the day of battle a mortal warrior, a slayer of serpents and descendant of Odin, fights alongside the gods, the forces of evil shall be defeated and the world shall be reborn. In response, Odin scatters his seed among mortals in hopes of birthing, “the world’s chosen”. Seeking to pay the ransom, Loki seeks out the dwarf Andvari and extorts the gold ransom.