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Melos Sparta and Athens 416 BCE. the trojan war barry strauss pdf km east of mainland Greece. Though the Melians were of the same ethnic group as the Spartans, they chose to remain neutral in the war. Athens invaded Melos in 416 BC and demanded that the Melians surrender and pay tribute to Athens, or face annihilation.

The proud Melians refused, and after a siege the Athenians captured their city, slaughtered the men, and enslaved the women and children. Athenians and the Melians before the former launched the siege. Otherwise, the island remained neutral in the war. Melians refused to do battle and the Athenians were not willing to mount a siege.

540 metric tons of wheat, enough to feed 2,160 men for a year. 30 and 60 talents respectively. This is evidence that Melos was a prosperous island. Melos had never paid tribute to Athens before, and they refused to pay now. Melos, and the approximate location of the ancient city. In the summer of 416 BC, during a truce with Sparta, Athens sent an army of at least 3,400 men to conquer Melos: 1,600 heavy infantry, 300 archers, and 20 mounted archers all from Athens, plus 1,500 heavy infantry from other Delian League cities. The fleet that transported this army had 38 ships: 30 from Athens, 6 from Chios, and 2 from Lesbos.

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