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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This solution is considered obvious and is called the “trivial” solution. The base case is often trivial and is identified as such, although there transition to advanced mathematics solutions pdf situations where the base case is difficult but the inductive step is trivial. Similarly, one might want to prove that some property is possessed by all the members of a certain set.

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A common joke in the mathematical community is to say that “trivial” is synonymous with “proved”—that is, any theorem can be considered “trivial” once it is known to be true. In response to the other’s request for an explanation, he then proceeds with twenty minutes of exposition. At the end of the explanation, the second mathematician agrees that the theorem is trivial. These jokes point out the subjectivity of judgments about triviality. The joke also applies when the first mathematician says the theorem is trivial, but is unable to prove it himself. Often, as a joke, the theorem is then referred to as “intuitively obvious”.

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