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This specialty is open to males and females as well as allowing color vision deficient personnel. Us army combat lifesaver course pdf nations and services also have similarly-trained personnel, but this discussion and the following details apply only to those within the United States Army. Army specific techniques and procedures.

Maintenance of civilian accreditation is currently required and further education is commonly offered including the opportunity to add additional skill training or—with acceptable civilian education—application to the Inter-service Physician Assistant Program. Advanced level healthcare specialists who have not specialized generally assume more administrative duties in medical sections or treatment facilities as well as training and supervisory duties while maintaining perishable treatment skills. When no appropriate skill modifier is used, a letter “O”, erroneously read as a zero “0”. For example, a healthcare specialist would be awarded MOS 68W1O. 0 is an untrained medic prior to school completion. Skill identifiers are awarded to personnel with additional training in a particular specialty and affects what positions a soldier holding the skill identifier may be assigned to.

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Most require formal school training. Army’s basic medical MOS was changed, effective October 1, 2006. The notice established the transition of personnel holding both MOSs to 91W to begin on 1 October 2001 and end on 30 September 2007. The 91W MOS required additional training and the maintenance of civilian EMT certification which was previously optional for soldiers. During the transitory period, all 91B and 91C classified soldiers were given the Y2 identifier until completion of additional training to become 91W, reclassification to a different MOS, or discharge from the US Army. Later—as part of an ongoing administrative revision of Army Enlisted MOSs—MOS 91W was redesignated 68W. The AIT or job training may last for 16 to 68 weeks, depending what additional skill training is completed.