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The first chapter is an expanded version of her Master’s thesis, “The Train”, and other chapters are reworked versions of “The Peeler,” “The Heart of the Park” and “Enoch and the Gorilla”. Southern city after finding his family homestead abandoned without a trace. The novel received little critical attention when it first appeared but has since come to be appreciated as a somewhat unusual work of “low comedy and high seriousness” with disturbing religious themes. Recently discharged from service in World War II and surviving on a government pension for unspecified war wounds, Hazel Motes returns to his family home in Tennessee to find it abandoned.

Motes boards a train for Taulkinham. Despite his aversion to all trappings of Christianity, he constantly contemplates theological issues and finds himself compelled to purchase a suit and hat that cause others to mistake him for a minister. In Taulkinham, Motes initially finds an address in a bathroom stall and seeks out Leora Watts, a prostitute. He walks into her house, sits on her bed, and places his hand on her shoe without speaking to her first. Emery introduces Hazel to the concept of “wise blood,” an idea that he has innate, worldly knowledge of what direction to take in life, and requires no spiritual or emotional guidance. Together, Emery and Motes witness a blind preacher and his teenage daughter crash a street vendor’s potato peeler demonstration to advertise for their ministry. Motes finds himself drawn to the pair, which Hawks attributes to a repressed desire for religious salvation.

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