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2001 and developed it in her doctoral dissertation in 2003. Carnivores require meat in their diet for survival, but carnists choose to eat meat based on their beliefs. There was no label, Joy discovered, for the beliefs of people who produce, consume, and promote meat eating. We assume that it is not necessary to why men love bitch pdf a term to ourselves when we adhere to the mainstream way of thinking, as though its prevalence makes it an intrinsic part of life rather than a widely held opinion.

Meat eating, though culturally dominant, reflects a choice that is not espoused by everybody”, Joy writes. Carnism, according to Joy, is the dominant, yet invisible paradigm in modern culture supporting the choice to consume meat. Carnism is an invisible system of beliefs in both the social, psychological, and physical sense. For example, in the physical sense, an estimated 10 billion land animals are slaughtered for their meat every year in the U. The majority of people, Joy claims, care deeply about animals and do not want them to suffer. Clinton presented a “discursive challenge to carnism” when he publicly recognized that turkeys were independent and had different personalities.

Further, humans value compassion, reciprocity, and justice. However, human behavior does not match these values. People who hold to these beliefs may also be called carnists. Through this denial, justification, and perceptual distortion, Joy argues, carnism influences people to violate their core values.

Animal advocates and cultural studies scholars have implicated both the government and the media as the two primary channels responsible for legitimizing carnist discourse in the United States. Writer Megan Kearns agrees with Joy’s argument that the system of carnism is at odds with democracy, but takes issue with Joy blaming the system rather than the people who make carnist choices: ” way we as a society envision eating and animals is contradictory and insidious. Yet it seems incongruous to blame the system and simultaneously hold people accountable to awaken their consciences and exercise their free will. Kearns also notes that not only are there many empathic people who choose to eat meat, but many vegetarians who base their diet on health, not moral reasons.

Helena Pedersen of Malmö University questions whether it is accurate for Joy to treat meat eaters as an homogenous group as there may be many different types of meat eaters all of whom have different reasons for eating meat. Turning Our Heads: The “See No Evil” Dilemma. Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows. From Carnivore to Carnist: Liberating the Language of Meat. Pardon Your Turkey and Eat Him Too: Antagonism over Meat Eating in the Discourse of the Presidential Pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkey. The effect of categorization as food on the perceived moral standing of animals.

Empirical data may support the claim that carnism violates core values. For slaughterhouse workers in particular, see Dillard, J. A Slaughterhouse Nightmare: Psychological Harm Suffered by Slaughterhouse Employees and the Possibility of Redress through Legal Reform. This overwhelmingly common aversion to killing suggests that the slaughterhouse employment causes a majority of the employees to violate their natural preference against killing. By habitually violating one’s natural preference against killing, the worker very likely is adversely psychologically impacted.

Nothing “Invisible” About Animal Exploitation Ideology. Humanistic Psychology and Animal Rights: Reconsidering the Boundaries of the Humanistic Ethic. Speaking Truth to Power: Understanding the Dominant, Animal-Eating Narrative for Vegan Empowerment and Social Transformation. The Mentality of Meat: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. And though I don’t use the phrase ‘animal rights’ I certainly do argue that one species’ desire should not trump another species’ right to live free from harm. Later I turned my dissertation into a book for a lay audience.

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