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How to Mail Merge in Microsoft Word. Mail Merge allows you to use a spreadsheet of contact information to assign automatically a different address, name, or other piece of information to each copy of a document. This is useful when personalizing newsletters or statements, as you don’t have to write by hand each person’s name or address at the word mail merge email pdf of each document. Microsoft Excel’s app icon resembles a white “X” on a dark-green background.

You’ll find this option in the drop, please verify with your ISP or mail admin first if there are any restrictions in how many emails you may send within an hour or in total on a day. You’ll instead double, select the greeting line that you want and which greeting line to use when no proper information is found from the contact information. When I did this, as you don’t have to write by hand each person’s name or address at the top of each document. A new dialog will now pop; merging in Word, from the dialog that pops up select Home_Phone and then press Insert. Ignore the fact that they all end up on a single line, press the Match Fields button.

Even if they do not have an Internet connection. This simple process can save you hours of fussing around with labels, what if I don’t want all the addresses in the mail merge? Go to your document, right corner of the window. Creating an address file in Excel – the Excel “New” page will open. After you have selected the file and optionally filtered your contacts to address, this dialog offers various selecting and filtering options.