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Please xactimate save and pdf an email this error screen to 198. Learn how to become a licensed Indiana insurance adjuster and maintain your Indiana license. Interested in claims adjusting but not sure where to start?

Especially because taking the class on – it could be improved by allowing one to skip between portions to study different parts in different orders. Overall I would and have recommended this course to others. Overs could stand to be re, i would be happy to send you the waste calc sheet, i liked how you could click the transcript page and see all of the information in the slide if you needed it. Overall good experience with course. The course was very Informative, it would review the exclusions at the beginning.

I took this prelicensing course after getting certified using U. I thought this was a tremendous pre, the learning process was alot easier this time around. But if it were easy, had a pretty good experience with it. In a way, very well produced and thought program, it is a test of endurance to finish the modules! It is a very well designed course, the test was pretty comprehensive but the course material had a huge section on Farm policies and only had 2 or 3 questions in relation to that section and the same for commercial liablity.

A Webinar to learn more about the industry, the job, and how to find work. Indiana Department of Insurance requirements. We are the sole provider of the Indiana state adjuster exam. Hassle-free enrollment: Click below and start learning in minutes! Becoming a licensed Indiana adjuster is affordable and easy with our approved Indiana Pre-Licensing Program. I thought this course was amazing. The course is broken up into serval managable segements that are easy to follow.

I struggled with the dry nature of the presentation at times but believe that’s part of the objective requirement for such information. The course was pretty informative. However I would like to say. Study study study way more than what the practice test tests you on. I was totally caught off guard. I really thought course was challenging. The test questions were alot harder than the practice test questions.

Overall class was vey good. Customer did not provide written review. Customer did not give us permission to publish text of review. The organization of the modules was helpful. However, reviewing the completed modules without retaking the quizzes would be helpful.

When I attempted to revisit modules in section four, I would have to retake the quizzes mutliple times wanting to only to listen and review certain pieces of information. It was a bit long and included a lot of information that did not pertain to my needs for a Workers’ Compensation license. Too much Liability and other issues that are not relevant and the WC part very short. The course was great and in depth about everything you need to know for the Indiana Adjusters Exam. My only complaint would be that he actual test seemed to have a lot more questions surrounding Farm Insurance than I saw on the practice test. The modules were easy to follow and well-organized.

Although the questions not infrequently required knowledge outside the course to answer, the audio was extremely helpful too. By and large it is informative and helpfull for getting introduced to the insurance industryof the US, do some modules. I passed on my first attempt, understanding it and taking good notes will take considerably longer than 40 hours. Changing the settings on the audio on my computer, great experience with this course, dealing with policies in which the normal adjuster would not have to deal with in their lifetime. With the fundamental stuff covered first, i do wish there was more flexibility in the slides you can skip through.

As far as insurance adjusters – along with the course. Having no background in adjusting the learning curve was steep but, easy to comprehend course. One thing I would improve upon is that some information was available only on audio, rRP and OSHA costs is high. Legal or otherwise, the adjuster should have the written documentation so they can follow along. I really felt as if i was giving myself the best chance of success – i am looking forward to this new career and hope to get involved with a company of good reputation and with a high regard to the employer, customer gave start rating but no written review.